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Pan Asian 2013 – Almost doesn’t count.

Pan Asians, probably the most prestigious jiujitsu competition in the country. I don’t have the words for it, title says it all. Almost never counts.


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Pan Asian Weight Dilemma

Winter is coming. 😀

I mean the 2013 Pan Asian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competion is coming.


And I have a weight dilemma. 13 days until competition and I still haven’t decided which weight division will I compete. I weighed myself last week,  the scale read 64.5 kg without the gi and 66.5 in my Shoyoroll Ring.

There are two options:

  1.  Cut weight and try to make it to 64 kg with the gi where I usually play.
  2. Compete at a higher weight class (under 70kg).

I have never tried to cut weight and thats 2 effin kilos.

 On the other hand if I play on the next division:

Jiu jitsu is a sport where technique prevails, but at the end of the day it never hurts to be bigger and stronger than your opponents. And I am definitely the smaller opponent.



Fuck this, I’ll burn the fucking bridge when I get there.   

7 days till registration deadline.

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Late post. Silver and blue.

I am no longer a mat noob! White belts please start referring to me as sensei. Hahahaha! Just kidding, I just wanted to share my joy for being promoted to blue belt. Sorry for the late post, this happened last december at our team’s last general assembly for the year 2012. I’ve always imagined myself bragging about it immediately but I guess i couldn’t find the words for it. I am actually forcing myself to type this, just get it done with. Please don’t get me wrong though I’m so fucking proud of it. 🙂

Another thing to be proud – I won silver (in other words I lost the final match, but let’s keep it positive) at the ADCC Asia Pacific Trials 2012 held here in the Philippines. Check out the links listed below for my matches.

First ever competition match where I wanted to play on top, this was a big improvement for a guard player like me.

I was hitting that sweep quite a lot weeks prior the comp.


I don’t exactly remember it but somewhere along my BJJ journey, I said to myself that I should start learning something deeper from this art. It is a martial art after all and I’ve heard countless stories of wisdom emerging such scenarios ( it even comes with a long white beard). If there is one thing I can share about my journey so far it would be two simple words: “SHOW UP”.

And that is my white to blue belt lesson. Improving your skills; technique speed, strength, timing are all very important but before all the hoopla you need to show up. Keep showing up, and your cardio improves, keep showing up and your techniques improve, keep showing up and you improve. The first step to every achievement is showing up, be it in the mats, the office or life in general.

Show up!

P.S. I also added two new blogs on my list:

Andrew’s, this guy is a killer in the Philippine Competition scene and a great person on and off the mats.

Omai’s, a lover of mountains and waves, an amazing person starting out her BJJ journey.

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homework done, jitters be gone

Last day of training before PAN- ASIANS, nothing special. Flow roll and a couple of pointers and reminders. I believe I’m playing my best jits ever (that’s not a lot though).

The brackets were released earlier today and yes it finally hit me. I’m competing and I’m nervous!!!

I’ve competed twice before and lost both of my first match, but I never did get this anxious before. My reason, I used to not care. I was competing just to test the waters. I knew that both times I came unprepared. I was there and simply did not care.

This time it’s different, I’ve put hours on the mat. This time, I did my part. I may be putting a little pressure on my shoulder,  but maybe this is how it should feel. I should embrace this jitters, this might mean that I’ve sacrificed enough to asked for something in return.

Bottomline, I’ve trained for this and as long as I give it my all. I’ll be fine.



P.S. I found myself a post from COMBAT BASE’s BLOG that sort of calmed me, just sharing the love:



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ImageFINALLY!!! I got myself a (shared) bronze last weekend in our in house tournament. It was a small team (I only had 3 matches) affair but I felt really proud of my game.

Now off to fixing my game -building off from the competition experience.


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