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BJJ couple fight



I wasn’t actually referring to those mentioned above. I’m talking about a real couple fight.

Well my girlfriend and I had an argument after training BJJ. I won’t bother you with the details, you know how it is with couples. There are times when both of you blow things out of proportion.

I don’t want to sound like a zen master or something but it amazed me how jiujitsu got me through the argument. Earlier during open mats I rolled with her. She happen to be naturally good at keeping me inside her closed guard. My efforts were in vain, I was draining myself trying to pass from that position. After miserable attempts, it hit me -I need to disengage and restart. I did just that, almost running away from her. I got to my feet and saw that the only way to pass was to keep her legs and grips out of the picture (basically her tools to get back her guard). And with a bit of speed and misdirection, I finally got the pass which led to an eventual tap.

Going back to our argument, NO I DID NOT PASS HER GUARD TO WIN THIS ONE. We were sort of verbally fighting each other, she was defending her position like hell, her “guard” was impenetrable. I on the other hand was relentless in attacking yet going nowhere. It was a virtual draw, with both of us losing. Then jiujitsu came and saved the day!

Applying the same technique, we both needed to disengage, step back and restart. And with a bit of patience and open mind, finally got the “pass”, finally understood where both of us coming from. Once the tough part was out of the way, we knew it was an eventual “tap”, a win for our relationship.

As the saying goes:
“the couple that rolls together, get to choke each other”
(that wasn’t what I had in mind, toinks!)


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