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Malupit na awitin (wicked song). Applies to BJJ and life in general.


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Epic week!!!

I finally got to train 4 times in a week. 3 Solid gi class with DEFTAC MAKATI, truly epic indeed as our mats were graced by returning teammates and visiting blue-purple belts from our sister teams. Training with a bigger group really gets your mojo up, you get to have an extra boost fueled by enthusiasm to roll with the other guys.

Earlier I got my chance to return the favor (in a way) by visiting DEFTAC MOJO QC. It was  a no gi class, finally had an excuse to use my (ehem) UNDER ARMOUR compression shirt and (ehem) JACO Resurgence Philippine Fight shorts. I’m not that vain but looking good really thus make you feel good and maybe roll good? Maybe not, we have to practice for that (enough of this bull). The class focused on wrestling head control moves. I sucked at them but I really enjoyed the class, I guess I found another facet of BJJ that I need to work on.

Now back to EPIC. Its the 2012 epic relay  weekend!!! 250 KM across Zambales and Bataan, 10 persons to conquer them. Good luck to those participating particularly to my team, TEAM SMART. GO!! GO!! GO!!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t join them and help defend our “MOST GOOD LOOKING TEAM” title (I’m not kidding they had that award probably for fun  and we won that). I have nothing to worry  though, TEAM SMART will kick butt, after all they have my awesome girlfriend running for them.

I saw an internet ad, it goes:

DETERMINATION, that’s what’s beautiful.

I can picture my girl running under the blistering heat. She really is epic.

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an update of sorts

Better yet, call this “sort of an update”. I’ve been lazy and have delayed writing a post for the sole reason of being just lazy. Anyway let me just list down a few things:

1. Last time I wrote my, I was preparing for a tournament. I lost on my first match (hey!! he was a tough guy). Learned my lesson though and now working on other options from my half guard.

2. I’ve finished my 100 day burpee challenge. Day 100 was during an adventure race that my mountaineering club organized for our new members, I* even managed a few guys to start their own 100 day challenges.

3. I celebrated my successful attempt by pigging out on BAGNET 8065.

4. I just got back from a recon climb of Mt.Mabanban, if the lazy bug don’t bite, I’ll write a post about it.

5. I just added a  BJJ teammate’s blog on my list. Check out her second life after her office hours.

That’s it for now!

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homework done, jitters be gone

Last day of training before PAN- ASIANS, nothing special. Flow roll and a couple of pointers and reminders. I believe I’m playing my best jits ever (that’s not a lot though).

The brackets were released earlier today and yes it finally hit me. I’m competing and I’m nervous!!!

I’ve competed twice before and lost both of my first match, but I never did get this anxious before. My reason, I used to not care. I was competing just to test the waters. I knew that both times I came unprepared. I was there and simply did not care.

This time it’s different, I’ve put hours on the mat. This time, I did my part. I may be putting a little pressure on my shoulder,  but maybe this is how it should feel. I should embrace this jitters, this might mean that I’ve sacrificed enough to asked for something in return.

Bottomline, I’ve trained for this and as long as I give it my all. I’ll be fine.



P.S. I found myself a post from COMBAT BASE’s BLOG that sort of calmed me, just sharing the love:


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Praises, consistency


“You’re moving your hips a lot better”.

“You were dictating the game you wanted”.

“Good job!!!”

It’s always nice to hear such lines, (trying to play cool – I know I’m loving it) but I would never know how to act after receiving them.

In our jiu-jitsu practice, all of us started not knowing how to act when we are in the receiving end of an attack. It could be a submission attempt, a take down or maybe a guard pass, we feel awkward facing them. It would be nice if all of us are in the level where we can breakdown the said position or attack and find the appropriate solution. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Thankfully our bodies were build to adapt.

We automatically figure out how to move and where to move. This process is quite slow, evolution took billions of years and it seems there is no way of rushing it. On the mats, the only way we can grow our game is through consistency. Put in the effort, day in and day out, we might not understand stuff the first time around. But I do believe that we’ll get the hang of it -eventually.

Who knows? If we keep on the daily grind, the complements might keep on coming. I know I wouldn’t mind getting used to that.

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4 days, 4 jits….4 lessons?

4 days, 4 jits.

I was doing jiujitsu; monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. I was on a roll and was even thinking of squeezing a wrestling session today. For grappling addicts, I’m sure that you’ve been here before everything was about jiujitsu. Just going through the motions of work and can’t wait till the clock hits 5 then off to the mats. Thinking if only I had the money, I’d drop my work in an instant. Just Jits, that was my version of good times.

Friday, I came across a blog that had me thinking. The blog was about BJJ demographics, talked about the financial stability of those doing jiujitsu. In the bloggers observation there seem to be BJJ afficionado who end up good with jiujitsu but suck with the rest of their lives. (PARDON if i sound politically incorrect) Let’s just say that these people grows into a really good jiujitsu player (but not mundial champion level) the downside though is that their careers and don’t.

That post stopped me on my tracks, questioning myself If I was headed that path.

I’ve read somewhere that sports (which includes jiujitsu) teaches us about life. I may not have a clear picture of how it works but let me just take note of the stuff i’ve learned from jiujitsu this week. Hopefully I get to apply it in the bigger mat called life.

Lessons learned this week:

1. There are people better than I am, even though they are less dedicated than I am.

2. I can outwork those people.

3. There will always be a hole in your game. Just keep on plugging them.

4. If a submission presents itself, go for it.

bonus lesson:
Rest is just as important as work.

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April 24, 2012 · 5:04 pm


ImageFINALLY!!! I got myself a (shared) bronze last weekend in our in house tournament. It was a small team (I only had 3 matches) affair but I felt really proud of my game.

Now off to fixing my game -building off from the competition experience.


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