Jiujitsu and trash talk

In basketball, some would argue that the game’s greatest players are also the greatest mouths. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Gary Payton aside from being hall of famers (at least the first two) are also infamous for getting into their opponents head and beating them with smack talk. The bragging, making fun of your opponents, to some extent humiliation are all considered part of the game. If it is somehow acceptable on the hard wood, I wonder if it has a place on the mats.

The mental aspect is a huge part of the jiujitsu game, just like in basketball. The body may have been trained or program to move without thought, but we can safely say that it takes a toll in our mind just as much in our bodies. As we roll, we continually engage our mind in solving puzzles with our bodies -our limbs acting as the interlocked puzzle pieces. A slip in our focus can be the difference between a pass, a sweep, a lock, a choke, a win or a loss. No wonder, top level BJJ competitors often talked about the mindset they need to have whenever they step on the mats. Trash talking can be used against your opponent’s mind in the same way you use an effective move or technique on his (or her) body. Trash talking at first glance, does not seem to fit with jiujitsu though. Why? The quick answer, Jiujitsu is a martial art where respect should be of utmost importance. Looking at it on another angle, Jiujitsu is a form of self defense, in the streets there are no rules. Your attacker is trying to dominate you physically and mentally, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have any problem taunting you verbally.

In our gym, we do engage in bit of trash talk, there are no written rules, but we sort of follow an unspoken one. We keep it within the techniques I.e. “your guard sucks”, “now that sweep(I just did) was beautiful” -definitely no fat momma jokes. We have fun doing this to each other, I wouldn’t know how others would feel about that. We’re a tight group and basically friends with each other that’s why we get away with such.

I am very torn on this, a part of me sees trash talking as disgusting and just doesn’t seem to belong in our Jiujitsu. Another part of me, thinks just the opposite, that maybe we should train with it, learn to deal with it. While my two personas are arguing on that matter, a third one tries to find the middle ground for both argument. I wouldn’t know how to implement an environment where mind games and trash talk are ok yet at the same time ensures that utmost respect is given to everyone, if possible, that would be perfect.

How would you feel if somebody starts talking to you during your tournament match? Would you feel that such shouldn’t be allowed or something that we should accept and prepare for?



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6 responses to “Jiujitsu and trash talk

  1. Hey, nice jits blog you have here.

    Personally I don’t find anything wrong with trash talking if it’s done in the spirit of fun. And even when it’s not I don’t really mind either lol. I’ve never been one to get mad easily.

    I do it a lot actually, but only when I’m with really good friends. And only to people who I know won’t be offended by it.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog boks.

    • I agree man, we do the same at deftac makati. I guess the hard part is defining it. People would have different opinions on whether a line you say is foul or fun.

      Thanks for your opinion man. Do you also play basketaball? Personally my trash talking which translates to everything I do stemmed from growing up, playing pick up with jerk “Tito(s)”, “pinsan(s)” and the rest of the court “tambay(s)”.

      • nope, I don’t play much basketball. In my case I grew up loving computer games haha so I got the trash talking habit from playing counter strike back in highschool.

  2. I do a bit of talking before a match. But I try not to upset anyone. I’m more likely to say something like, “C’mon man – show me why your wearing that blue/prurple belt.” or “Show me why you deserve that stripe.”

    I’m not sure, but I think it may motivate them. Or, it may just annoy them. No one’s ever told me to shut up though, which is good.

    • Maybe I’ll give that a try..it sort of sets a mood for the roll.
      I usually have the itch to move my mouth, when my partner is stalling or in a very dominant position. I start with a little “no way you can finish me from there”, it gets into him/her that sometimes they start risking positions for the submission.

  3. Right when I’m about to be tapped out or if I’m in a horrible position, I like to say something like, “It’s okay to tap at any time.” or “You got nothing. Keep moving.” At least I think it’s funny. I have the same itch to move my mouth as you do.

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