How do you make Jiu-jitsu special?

I finally made it back on the mats after a week of hiatus due to colds, work and various reasons. I could have trained once or twice last week but grappling with your nose dripping isn’t exactly ideal. It felt such a long week. Jiu-jitsu has been keeping me sane, another day off would have killed me.

During training, a teammate asked how long I’ve been training. I quickly replied that I’ve been training as long as him, he then responded “but I spent time off from Jujitsu”. I explained to him that we both went through that phase: training for two months, wouldn’t show up for a half a year, train a month, and then off again for another month. It was cycle of slacking off. He asked one more time, “Why did we ever stop?” Maybe it was rhetoric but I tried to mumble a few words: Basketball games and practices, 5K run, work overtime, just being plain lazy. “Yeah that’s it!” he replied as we moved on to the next drill.

I found a simpler answer today, “I stopped because I did not make Jiu-jitsu feel special”. Replace Jiu-jitsu with a name and that line could probably answer thousands of couple relationship asking the same question “Why did we ever stop?” Mat time was easily replaced with an hour or two of shooting hoops, watching TV and sometimes getting a bigger beer belly. Jiu-jitsu was just another thing, another sport, just another after work activity back then.

“This time I’ll be better”

How do I make feel Jiu-jitsu special? I prioritize. Jiu-jitsu training now goes on top of the “extra curricular” list. I stopped drinking. I decided to minimize competitive (very low standard) basketball and fun run. Don’t get me wrong, cross training is good for me and my grappling game but I make it a point to use it as a complement and never as a substitute.

Keep it special. You won’t go wrong with that.

P.S. I got that “make her feel special” quote after watching this WongFu video 😀


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