Epic week!!!

I finally got to train 4 times in a week. 3 Solid gi class with DEFTAC MAKATI, truly epic indeed as our mats were graced by returning teammates and visiting blue-purple belts from our sister teams. Training with a bigger group really gets your mojo up, you get to have an extra boost fueled by enthusiasm to roll with the other guys.

Earlier I got my chance to return the favor (in a way) by visiting DEFTAC MOJO QC. It was  a no gi class, finally had an excuse to use my (ehem) UNDER ARMOUR compression shirt and (ehem) JACO Resurgence Philippine Fight shorts. I’m not that vain but looking good really thus make you feel good and maybe roll good? Maybe not, we have to practice for that (enough of this bull). The class focused on wrestling head control moves. I sucked at them but I really enjoyed the class, I guess I found another facet of BJJ that I need to work on.

Now back to EPIC. Its the 2012 epic relay  weekend!!! 250 KM across Zambales and Bataan, 10 persons to conquer them. Good luck to those participating particularly to my team, TEAM SMART. GO!! GO!! GO!!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t join them and help defend our “MOST GOOD LOOKING TEAM” title (I’m not kidding they had that award probably for fun  and we won that). I have nothing to worry  though, TEAM SMART will kick butt, after all they have my awesome girlfriend running for them.

I saw an internet ad, it goes:

DETERMINATION, that’s what’s beautiful.

I can picture my girl running under the blistering heat. She really is epic.


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