homework done, jitters be gone

Last day of training before PAN- ASIANS, nothing special. Flow roll and a couple of pointers and reminders. I believe I’m playing my best jits ever (that’s not a lot though).

The brackets were released earlier today and yes it finally hit me. I’m competing and I’m nervous!!!

I’ve competed twice before and lost both of my first match, but I never did get this anxious before. My reason, I used to not care. I was competing just to test the waters. I knew that both times I came unprepared. I was there and simply did not care.

This time it’s different, I’ve put hours on the mat. This time, I did my part. I may be putting a little pressure on my shoulder,  but maybe this is how it should feel. I should embrace this jitters, this might mean that I’ve sacrificed enough to asked for something in return.

Bottomline, I’ve trained for this and as long as I give it my all. I’ll be fine.



P.S. I found myself a post from COMBAT BASE’s BLOG that sort of calmed me, just sharing the love:




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