Praises, consistency


“You’re moving your hips a lot better”.

“You were dictating the game you wanted”.

“Good job!!!”

It’s always nice to hear such lines, (trying to play cool – I know I’m loving it) but I would never know how to act after receiving them.

In our jiu-jitsu practice, all of us started not knowing how to act when we are in the receiving end of an attack. It could be a submission attempt, a take down or maybe a guard pass, we feel awkward facing them. It would be nice if all of us are in the level where we can breakdown the said position or attack and find the appropriate solution. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Thankfully our bodies were build to adapt.

We automatically figure out how to move and where to move. This process is quite slow, evolution took billions of years and it seems there is no way of rushing it. On the mats, the only way we can grow our game is through consistency. Put in the effort, day in and day out, we might not understand stuff the first time around. But I do believe that we’ll get the hang of it -eventually.

Who knows? If we keep on the daily grind, the complements might keep on coming. I know I wouldn’t mind getting used to that.


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