4 days, 4 jits….4 lessons?

4 days, 4 jits.

I was doing jiujitsu; monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. I was on a roll and was even thinking of squeezing a wrestling session today. For grappling addicts, I’m sure that you’ve been here before everything was about jiujitsu. Just going through the motions of work and can’t wait till the clock hits 5 then off to the mats. Thinking if only I had the money, I’d drop my work in an instant. Just Jits, that was my version of good times.

Friday, I came across a blog that had me thinking. The blog was about BJJ demographics, talked about the financial stability of those doing jiujitsu. In the bloggers observation there seem to be BJJ afficionado who end up good with jiujitsu but suck with the rest of their lives. (PARDON if i sound politically incorrect) Let’s just say that these people grows into a really good jiujitsu player (but not mundial champion level) the downside though is that their careers and don’t.

That post stopped me on my tracks, questioning myself If I was headed that path.

I’ve read somewhere that sports (which includes jiujitsu) teaches us about life. I may not have a clear picture of how it works but let me just take note of the stuff i’ve learned from jiujitsu this week. Hopefully I get to apply it in the bigger mat called life.

Lessons learned this week:

1. There are people better than I am, even though they are less dedicated than I am.

2. I can outwork those people.

3. There will always be a hole in your game. Just keep on plugging them.

4. If a submission presents itself, go for it.

bonus lesson:
Rest is just as important as work.


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April 24, 2012 · 5:04 pm

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